Thank you so much for all the years of teaching.  You have truly improved my skills in art that I will benefit from for years.  Your future students don't know how lucky they are. --Noah, graduating High School student

Dear Mrs. Hutton, Thank you so much for being my art teacher! I love the cool ideas you come up with for us:) I can't wait till next year! --Emily, Middle School student

Mrs. Hutton, I enjoyed having you this year for art!  I loved doing the different drawings and using the art techniques!  --Michaela, middle school student

Dear Mrs. Hutton, Thank you so much for helping me test my abilities in art this year!  I've enjoyed doing the homework very much and I've learned a lot from you!  You're a really great teacher and I hope I'll be able to attend your class next year. --Sarah, High School student

Dear Mrs. Hutton, I loved your art class so much! thank you for everything that you did, and how much time you spent teaching us!  --Sydney, Middle School student

Thanks so much for all your hard work to prepare and help (my daughter) to learn and appreciate art.  You are gifted, and we are grateful...for all you have done to help shape her (artistic development).  --Walter (parent of HS student)

We are so thankful for the chance for [our daughter] to have exposure to such a wide range of art media.  I recently heard her tell someone that this course is the one she is most excited about this year.  --Denise (parent of HS student)