Art Portfolio Class

For students 10th grade and up (college students welcome)

"I want to go to art school, but how do I begin to put together my portfolio?"

This class may be for YOU!  This is an exciting opportunity to "put it all together".  We will evaluate the students' current artwork and create some new artwork to enhance and build on the students' experience. 

The class is held in the Fall, at the perfect time to take advantage of helpful events such as an Art College Open House (VCU or other) and a National Portfolio Day. (held at VCU)  Students are strongly encouraged to take part in these events and get some feedback from actual portfolio reviewers from some of the top art colleges in the country!

All of this under the nurture of Mrs. Hutton, who in addition to having a Master of Fine Arts Degree from VCU, is an art teacher, and has been an art college admissions counselor. 

Five Class meetings in September, October, and November

Fee: $150 Materials Included (additional $50 if the student needs a presentation portfolio)

Students strongly encouraged to attend these Saturday Events:  National Portfolio Day at VCU  and  VCUArts Open House (datesTBA)